S3Fsigns incorporates in its Values ​​and Principles, among others, Efficiency, Monitoring and Customer Satisfaction.

With these Principles in mind, we started to make available to all our customers an Online Order Management System (SGEO). This system, in addition to allowing the entire consultation of the catalog of the various S3Fsigns product lines, makes it possible to place orders, monitor them during the production process until dispatch.

In addition to the usual efficiency in terms of production times, to which our customers are already accustomed, we now combine the ability of the internal process itself to be monitored and, in the end, all stakeholders have an increased capacity in managing deadlines in use of our products in your projects.

Also internally, the impact of the SGEO is felt, with a single view on the part of the various departments regarding the specific order, thus facilitating its quality control and making all necessary auxiliary tasks more expeditious, from the provision of raw materials to shipping and invoicing.

We believe, therefore, to take a huge step in the proximity that we want to maintain with our customers, of which we see ourselves essentially as partners in the execution of their projects.

The use of SGEO is reserved in the first phase for specific customers who, due to the type of iteration with S3Fsigns, are in a position to start work on this new channel. The system will gradually become available to the entire universe of S3Fsigns customers.

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