After 7 years, it’s time to start a new cycle! S3F – Sistemas de Sinalização underwent a re-branding and is now S3Fsigns. This new brand image – more modern and that best reflects our area of operation – is the result of a new positioning, aimed at internationalization and improvement in the manufacture of our products. In fact, the use of new materials, different from those circulating in the current market, and innovative production systems, allow us to offer better quality, at very competitive prices.

With these changes we want to serve our customers even better, making them loyal through services and products tailored to them, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction, both in quality improvement and in (short) delivery times. As proof of the commitment to fulfill this mission, copies of the quality certificates and an example of our work are attached.


About the new brand

Although stylized, it refers to the form of “signpost”. Its fragmented forms make it assume itself as a sign. The fl uorescent color enhances and confirms this concept, since it is associated with signposts.